American Couple Drops the Rat Race for Solar-Powered Cabin in the Alaskan Wilderness

Californians Go Off the Grid and Leave Bad Air and Crime Behind Forever

JUNEAU, Alaska, March 7, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Sherry and Glen were fed up.  Married for over 34 years, the couple had settled in Southern California for the weather and job opportunities.  But the daily grind of traffic, noise and bad air took its toll.  Sherry's health was failing and Glen wanted more time for his woodworking and gardening hobbies.  They dreamed of living in the wild and celebrating the outdoors.

That's when they decided to take the leap: they found a remote Alaskan island that had cheap land and was stocked with scenery and fresh air.  There was even a small cabin they could live in while they built their homestead.  It requires a boat ride from Juneau to access, which just adds to the mystique and reduces the chances of being bothered by nosy tourists.

6 years later, Sherry and Glen could not be happier.  They live a lifestyle reminiscent of the Kilcher family on Alaska the Last Frontier, a popular Discovery Channel show.  They make and grow just about everything they need, and trade for just about everything else. 

They grow all their own starches and vegetables.  They fish and hunt for their proteins.  Jerry built the small but comfortable cabin they live in entirely out of the wood found on their land.  He also builds furniture and boats out of wood so the couple can barter for the things they can't make themselves.  When they do need money they'll sell some of the salmon they harvest every fall.

Their home is powered with wind and a powerful but affordable Solar Sphere solar panel kit.  During the long Alaskan winters they heat their home with a wood-burning stove.

"We're not survival people, we're self-reliance people" Jerry said recently. "We like the idea of being left to our devices and flourishing."

The couple is expanding their greenhouse and garden area so that they can grow a wider variety of vegetables.  They are also considering building guest cabins so that city folks can come and experience their small slice of heaven.

Their lifestyle requires a lot of work.  Glen can't remember the last time he sat down to watch a television show. Sherry says they sometimes miss the California weather, but not much else.  More than anything, Sherry and Glen are happy to be free, to be in charge of their own food and shelter, and to experience the pristine beauty that is Alaska every day.

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