Akwamag, a Cleantech Open Accelerator Startup, Launches Fundraising Campaign To Commercialize a Breakthrough Sustainable Water Softener

Akwamag uses no salt and saves homeowners thousands of gallons of water every year. After completing months of testing and refinement, it is now available for purchase. Today, early adopters can contribute to the Akwamag Indiegogo fundraising campaign and take advantage of early-bird pricing.

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 5, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Akwamag Inc., a startup that aims to disrupt the water softener market, has launched a fundraising campaign to get its innovative and money-saving residential product to market. The Akwamag Plus sustainable water softener applies advanced magnetics science to inhibit the creation of costly and unsightly scale that forms inside water pipes, stains household hardware and bathrooms, and makes it harder to wash dishes and clothes.

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Three years ago, the team behind Akwamag set out to create an eco-friendly solution for homeowners who live in hard-water areas. They entered the Cleantech Open Accelerator, a rigorous commercialization program that helped prepare them for venture funding and launch the Akwamag. After completing months of testing and refinement, it is now available for purchase. Today, early adopters can contribute to its Indiegogo fundraising campaign and lock in significant early-bird discounts.

"Hard water is a tough problem that affects roughly 75 percent of all homeowners. People who use salt-resin (ion-exchange) water softeners know that they are costly to run and that the salt by-products associated with this old technology are bad for the environment. That's why many cities already ban the use of salt-based water softeners," said Tuyen Vo, founder of Akwamag.

Unlike low-tech water softeners, the Akwamag Plus requires no salt. Instead, it uses powerful magnets that work at the molecular level to prevent calcium and scale deposits from forming. The Akwamag Plus runs maintenance-free (there is no environmentally damaging brine to flush every month) and costs less than the water softeners it replaces.

The Akwamag Plus can save the average homeowner up to $200 per year. First, it costs nothing to run the Akwamag Plus because there is no need to continuously refill it with salt. Second, the Akwamag Plus consumes no water — at a time when many cities are enforcing water usage restrictions and considering raising the cost of water for residential customers.

Akwamag partnered with San Jose State University and NASA Ames to study the effect of magnetics on water softening. "We are impressed with what he has achieved," said Dr. Bradley Stone, Professor of Chemical Physics at San Jose State University. "We are looking forward to seeing the technology succeed in the marketplace."

"We know the Akwamag Plus will pay for itself. Importantly, no other water softener eliminates the use of salt while delivering a reduction in water consumption that saves homeowners two months of water usage every year. This is a major step forward for both consumers and the environment — at a time when every drop of water counts here in California and elsewhere," said Vo.

To locate the product close to the markets with the worst hard water problems in the state, Akwamag intends to establish its first manufacturing facility in the Central Valley. "We are looking to establish our assembly operations somewhere between Sacramento and Fresno," said Vo. "There is a good match between the need for the product, the availability of skilled labor, and we can keep our operational costs low."

About Akwamag
Akwamag was founded by TuyenVo, a former semiconductor company engineer and successful inventor who is dedicated to developing practical solutions to environmental challenges. His companies and products have won awards at the prestigious Cleantech Open, the world's largest accelerator for cleantech innovation. Akwamag is backed by a board of advisors that includes respected technical, legal and business experts. For more information on Akwamag and its technology, please visit: www.akwamag.com.

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