AirGenerate ATI-66 and ATI-80 Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters are Now Available at GP Conservation

GP Conservation is the largest distributor in the Northwest of in demand AirGenerate hybrid heat pump water heaters

FAIRVIEW, Ore., Sept. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- GP Conservation is proud to announce that AirGenerate ATI-66 and ATI-80 heat pump water heaters are now available at AirGenerate heat pump water heaters are designed in the United States. They maximize energy savings because they are able to operate in heat pump mode in colder environments, as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.  "There has been a lot of demand for the AirGenerate ATI-66, mostly from energy conscious consumers and contractors that have households of up to 4 individuals. We are happy to have the product in-stock for once, as they have been flying out the door since we started supplying them", says Emily Bartolme with GP Conservation. Roch Naleway with GP Conservation states, "The new and larger AirGenerate ATI-80 heat pump water heater, an 80-gallon model, suits a household with up to 6 people."


Water heaters are the second highest energy consumer in the home. Hybrid heat pump water heaters are a solution to minimize the energy used to heat household water. AirGenerate heat pump water heaters use as little as 40% of the energy used by a standard electric water heater. They are the most versatile, energy efficient electric heat pump water heaters available. AirGenerate AirTap heaters are popular with consumers because of the high end features, sleek design and energy efficiency capabilities.

AirGenerate hybrid water heaters are available in three sizes: 50-gallon, 66-gallon and 80-gallon. All three sizes come standard with a stainless steel water storage tank minimizing rust and corrosion as well as a high-end stainless steel exterior shell. Water heats up to 135° quickly with 9,000Btus of heating capacity via the heat pump. The ATI-66 carries a first hour rating of 75 gallons and all three sizes have a low 48 decibal sound rating, equivalent to a dishwasher, the homeowner will rarely notice the water heater is running.

There are three operating modes for the AirGenerate AirTap heat pump water heater: Energy Saver, Hybrid and High Demand. Energy Saver mode means the AirGenerate uses the heat pump only to heat the water. This is the most energy efficient option. This setting is ideal when only one or two water appliances are running at the same time, e.g. shower, dishwasher, washing machine, etc.

Hybrid mode alternates heating sources between the heat pump and the electric elements. In this mode, if stored hot water is in high demand and depletes at a fast rate, the electric elements will trigger to heat the water, just like a standard electric water heater. To the contrary, if there is an ample supply of hot water stored in the tank, the water will heat using the energy efficient heat pump. The ability to switch between heating modes is what makes this water heater a hybrid.

Finally, if there are guests visiting from out of town, or when hot water is in high demand, set the Airgenerate to High Demand mode. This will activate the electric elements sooner to ensure an adequate hot water supply. This is the least energy efficient setting, so as a default, if High Demand mode is selected, the Airgenerate will automatically switch back to Hybrid mode after 48 hours.

Airgenerate AirTap water heaters have the best efficiency rating in the heat pump water heater category. Not only are the AirGenerate ATI-66 and AirGenerate ATI-80 ENERGY STAR® certified, but they also retain an energy factor of 2.40 when in Hybrid mode. The homeowner has the ability to take energy efficiency to the next level and reduce carbon emissions at the same time by powering the Airgenerate hybrid water heater with solar panels. Several GP Conservation customers have had great success with this model and see a significant cost reduction on their energy bill. For a complete evaluation and comparison of heat pump water heaters, visit the blog at

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