According to Ann Tatum, Warmer Weather Requires Increased Safety Measures

Ann Tatum is offering her thoughts on a new article that details how to avoid pests during time outside.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., April 29, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Ann Tatum, owner of Outdoor Adventures with Ann, has issued comment on a new article dealing with springtime problems, such as mosquitoes and poison ivy. The piece explains that warmer weather brings excitement and longer days, but can also increase an individual's risk of coming into contact with some less-than-pleasant parts of the outdoors.

A trip outside will never be free of hazards, but some caution is required in order to stay safe and enjoy the outing. Mark Beason, spokesman for the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks, advises individuals to venture into nature with a clear understanding of potential hazards. When speaking about dangerous plants such as poison ivy and poison oak, he explains, "You need to be able to identify what they look like and teach your kids to stay away from them."

Ann Tatum comments on this advice noting, "Before heading outside for a hike, an individual should take a minute to know what poison ivy and poison oak look like. Either pick up a guidebook or do some research online. Steering clear of these forms of vegetation will make any time spent outdoors much more enjoyable and safe for everyone involved."

When it comes to venturing outside with children, parents need to come prepared. Scrapes and cuts happen, especially when young boys and girls are out climbing trees, rollerblading, playing games, and riding bikes. The most effective way to treat a scrape is by washing the area thoroughly with soap and warm water. Then parents should apply an antibiotic ointment like Neosporin, and place a bandage on top of the affected area.

Because scrapes and falls do happen, it is imperative that parents make young outdoor enthusiasts wear a helmet any time they want to get on a bike. Injuries that occur during cycling and four-wheeling accidents can prove fatal, making it essential that a child dons a helmet any and every time he or she gets on a bike of any kind.

Individuals should also keep an eye out for dangerous bugs after a long day outside. Ticks frequent tall grass, and can live in a backyard or trail too. Prior to coming inside after an expedition, an individual should check his or her skin and clothing for signs of these creatures. A person should take care to check behind the ears, in the scalp, and anywhere where an elastic band lies. Should a tick be present, an individual should pinch it as close to the head as possible and treat the entire spot with rubbing alcohol.

Ann Tatum explains that ticks are pesky, but can also prove dangerous because of the threat of Lyme disease. Ann Tatum encourages individuals to know how to spot and remove ticks, as well as other bothersome insects such as red bugs.

Ann Tatum is the owner of Outdoor Adventures with Ann, a group that takes tourists and locals in Santa Barbara, California on a variety of exhilarating expeditions. From hiking to mountain climbing, horseback riding to parasailing, Ann and her team handle it all. They also host a series of popular team building activities, which are a favorite of companies, sports teams, church groups, and school organizations.

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