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WASHINGTON, Jan. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Governments and institutions spend millions of dollars (and pounds and yuan – name your currency) on a single research project. But what happens when the study is complete? How does that new information reach the global community and benefit all of us? Too often it doesn't. 

We are facing a worldwide crisis of research publishing and communication – publishers, science writers, students, editors, illustrators, reviewers, translators, and researchers are not communicating with each other. And they are not communicating with the greater public.  The Research Cooperative is an online social network and NPO designed to address this gap in science communication.

The Research Cooperative is unique -- our mission is not to encourage online discussion of research topics (many sites already provide such opportunities). Instead, we are focused on developing a broad community that can raise the quality of publishing, promote more effective communication between researchers and related professionals, encourage a spirit of collaboration between scientists from across the globe and, finally, give inexperienced students and new professionals the opportunity to gain experience and offer low-cost or volunteer services to researchers in need. 

The Research Cooperative has a tested and appropriate technical platform, and more than 5,000 members.  But now we need to encourage more use of the network, to expand and refine our services. Creating a new social network is an experiment in progress and, so far, it has been a successful one. Within the Research Cooperative, it is now possible for members to contribute in any medium, language, and discipline and for any audience.   

The site does not run on commercial advertising or member fees in order to allow students and researchers with limited funds (who make up the majority of our members) free and open access to the network. However, the network is currently managed and funded by just one person - the network creator and present project leader. In order to promote the site and translate our pages into as many languages as possible, we will require a minimum of operating funds to hire additional part-time help. So, we are asking for donations from individuals like you to help the Research Cooperative grow and reach its potential. If you have any amount to give, please consider contributing through our RocketHub Campaign. Better yet, consider becoming a volunteer and/or ongoing sponsor of the Research Cooperative.

Knowledge and wisdom are not the same thing. Improving communication between researchers is just a starting point for the Research Cooperative and for global scientific communication. If future generations are to tackle some of the world's biggest problems, science will need creative tools for communication, on a human scale. 

Please consider supporting the project at Rocket Hub - The Research Cooperative! And then be sure to us out at home and on Facebook.

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The Research Cooperative

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