A Life-Saver In A Dead-Beat Economy: New Algorithm Doubles The Odds Of Accessing Emergency Help

Millions stand to be benefited from a new algorithm that was recently released. From hurricanes to financial debacles and medical emergencies, financial help has never been easier.

NEW YORK, Nov. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- For over ten years, one man has been quietly and patiently working on a cutting-edge algorithm that would streamline and enhance the possibility of obtaining emergency assistance. In what he calls his "loans lab", Yonni Rossa, CEO of Loans.net, has been working with his high power team to develop a complex and highly sophisticated algorithm that would power a unique matchmaking service for those in need of financial assistance.

"Financial assistance was extremely difficult to obtain until recently, but with our new software algorithm, we can generate precise matches for those in need of emergency monetary relief. Using highly advanced programming we can help loan applicants obtain quotes from pre-screened lenders within a matter of seconds," says an excited Rossa who recently re-launched Loans.net, a free service that helps loan applicants obtain multiple quotes from qualified lenders and banks.

The service which can be accessed at Loans.net allows loan applicants to complete one simple form and gain access to an emergency loan of up to $5,000 within as little as ten to thirty seconds. The algorithm developed by loans lab at Loans.net quietly facilitates this entire process and uses thousands of complex computations to ensure applicants are able to obtain quotes from closely matching lenders and banks.

Sites such as Loans.net attempt to bridge a much-needed gap that traditional banks and brick-and-mortar operations have failed to service.

George, an entrepreneur, was in need of emergency cash to fund his business operations. Despite his best attempts, he was unable to obtain working capital to fund his business operations. After being turned down by local banks and even government agencies, George turned to Loans.net and within less than 24 hours, he was able to obtain funds for his working capital needs.

Based on data provided by Loans.net, over 25,000 individuals and businesses have benefited from the emergency cash assistance program.

When asked to comment on how these individuals are able to obtain loans after failed attempts with traditional lenders, Yonni explains that the secret is very simple: relationships. "We forge strategic alliances with a wide pool of lenders and during our selection process our research team tries to include a broad spectrum of banking institutions, including those that service bad credit applicants exclusively," says Mr. Rossa.

"We take great pride in developing relationships with hundreds of banking entities and this not only saves time for loan applicants but also allows them to access an extremely diverse pool of lenders that would otherwise be inaccessible," adds Mark, a member of Yonni's research team.

Ms. Taylor, who was faced with an emergency found this aspect of an online loan service very useful. She was rejected by numerous banks before she decided to take her quest online. Within just twenty-four hours, there was a deposit in Taylor's bank account. She was just delighted to have the money she needed to perform an emergency dental procedure.

When asked to address concerns about security and privacy, Mr. Rossa was only glad to explain: "We embrace skepticism as it allows us to perfect our systems, make them more secure, and create powerful relationships that will benefit our clients tremendously."

If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Yonni Rossa, please call Yonni at 646-257-4131 or e-mail him at info@loans.net

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