A life changing book, The Gittite Way, finally released to the world.

BURLESON, Texas, July 7, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The Gittite Way is a purposeful, practical short book that may well change your life forever.  Based on Ten simple Tenets and some common sense it provides a path away from oppresive religion and into practical spirituality.  The very first Tenet is to be who and what you really are, without apology.  Embracing this Tenet alone, and allowing others to do the same, is enough to change your life and your relationships for the better in every way.

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You can find out more about The Gittite Way by going to http://thegittiteway.com.  You can read the Ten Tenets of the Gittite Way that Chris Webb developed over a period of many years.  You can find encouragment, acceptance and even personal freedom as you let go of what has held you back. You can grab onto something that works, something that makes sense, something that is as old as humanity, yet fresh and new too.

The Gittite Way is not complicated.  In fact it was written by a very uncomplicated man.  Chris is not a professor, not an ordained minister or religious scholar.  Chris is a Trashman ... a man who earns his living with his hands.  But in the midst of his hard work, driving his dump truck, operating his loader and cleaning construction sites, Chris has something many of us don't:  time to think, time to really think.

Chris is also not unfamiliar with tyragedy and difficulty or with great loss.  In fact it was out of having lost it all that he found himself motivated to rethink everything he had believed.  At his lowest point he remembered hearing an old Bible story, one unfamiliar to nearly everyone ... the story of the Gittites.  The very first chapter of The Gittite Way explains who they were ... and opens a door to a whole new way of living.

The Gittite Way is not a religion.  It is simply a way of thinking.  Many who call themselves 'Gittites' are not religious at all, and many are too.  What they share is a love of Freedom and a belief in real Friendship.  The mantra of the Gittite is to Love God, Love Others, Don't Judge ... but who and what God is or is not is left to the individual.  For some God is simply the Universe, for many God is who He is in the context of the religion they were raised in.

Hold everything in your life in an open hand.  Recognize that being human is not a sin.  Accept that anyone who is seeking Truth will find it.  Realize the difference between believing and knowing. These are just some of the Tenets ... all Ten combined will change your life.  They will Free you to be yourself ... and even Free God to be who and what He really is for you in particular, no matter who or what He is for anyone else.

The Gittite Way is an easy read.  It makes sense.  It uses humor to shed light on Truths.  It is a path to a better,  happier life.  Just click the link and see for yourself.  http://thegittiteway.com

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