2016 Candidates Miss Out With Multicultural Mobile Gamers

60% of Multicultural Mobile Gamers Have Had No Recent Contact From A Campaign

WASHINGTON, Feb. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Mobile gamers are being largely ignored by 2016 campaigns, despite avid interest and social media engagement by this growing and diverse group.  That's a top finding in a MocoSpace Community Check-In conducted by Social Lens Research. 

"Our results show big opportunities to reach digital savvy and mobile first audiences are being left on the table. Investing here has a multiplier effect as gamers share and build social buzz on social for you."

Tom Young. Managing Partner, Social Lens Research

"That folks responded to the survey so quickly points to a big interest in politics, and to the opportunities to reach digital savvy and highly influential users via social and mobile. Mobile gamers are ready to vote, and campaigns need to get more strategic about their outreach."

Tom Dorf, VP of Advertising Sales at MocoSpace

This digital-first community lives online and plans to vote in above average numbers. Highly active on social media and in sharing their views on their networks, they are a growing part of the electorate.  Gamers will amount to 56% of all Americans in 2016, half the likely voting population play weekly, and a third of likely Democratic voters play daily. 

Key Findings: 

  • Engagement Opportunities: MocoSpace Community members are watching the candidates carefully.  Campaign stories are read by 70% via social media at least occasionally, 31% frequently. But 60% have had no recent contact from a campaign.
  • African Americans are the Most Engaged: More voted last time [83%], more are registered to vote now [87%], and African Americans are most engaged with the campaign on social media. And they are solidly for Hillary Clinton - 54% more likely than the general population. 
  • Hispanics Not As Committed: Least likely to be registered, not as committed as African Americans to Democrats or Hillary Clinton. They have had the least [64%] contact from campaigns, despite following it most closely [36%] on social media. Most interested in alternative media [32%] for candidate news.
  • White Middle Ground: Whites fall between African Americans and Hispanics at 81% for voter registration and at 77% for intending to vote in 2016. And they are more tied to the Republicans than to the Democrats, 26% versus 21%.
  • Democratic Voter Registration Outreach Would Pay Dividends: A quarter of those polled are unregistered or unsure.  Some [12%] say they plan to register, but making that easier would be rewarding.  Another 14% are eligible but unsure how to register, not clear on their registration status, or have difficulties registering. Resolving these issues with them would benefit candidates.
  • Social Engagement Tops The Mobile List: Gamers were asked how they like to see campaign messages on their mobile.  The overwhelming choice was for social media, preferred by 54% for candidate's mobile messaging.
  • Prefer Live or Real-time Interactions: Gamers were asked how candidates could better connect with them and their friends.  The two most popular choices were in person events [32%] and live Q&A on social media [32%]. Live Q&A on social media channels were slightly preferred by African Americans over in person events. Hispanics and Whites were slightly more interested in attending in-person events.
  • Non-Traditional Media is Attractive: Gamers third choice was candidate interviews with non-traditional media, such as bloggers & YouTube stars [25%]. These are more popular with Hispanics and African Americans than Whites.
  • Campaign Ads Got Mixed Reviews: MocoSpace poll-takers are split on the usefulness of campaign advertising on social media. Fifty-two percent find presidential campaign ads useful, but a third ignore them or have never seen them.
  • Gamers Write Off Most Candidates Social Media Campaigns:  Hillary Clinton's social media efforts are the most popular at 32%, boosted by African American approval at 53%. 

The MocoSpace Community Check-In had 2,351 completes and was fielded from February 13-20 without incentive. The respondents were 46% white, 31% African-American and 16% Hispanic. MocoSpace is a leading social media destination on the mobile Internet, with over fifty million registered users. Every day, users spend more than one million hours finding new friends, chatting, listening to music, watching videos, joining Fan pages and playing games from all web-enabled devices. For a trendy, multicultural, on-the-go generation, MocoSpace is the mobile community of choice. Launched in 2005, the company is based in Boston, Mass., and is backed by General Catalyst and Softbank Capital. Social Lens Research, based in Washington DC, helps companies make research a more social experience. It creates engaging research experiences that are social and mobile to better understand hard-to-reach audiences. Our proprietary social influencer network makes it easy to find and manage social media influencers to serve both as participants and recruiters for our research projects; allowing us to efficiently recruit niche, hard to reach and high-quality participants. For more about the study visit: www.sociallensresearch.com

Media Contact: Tom Young, Social Lens Research, 202-320-6913, Tom@sociallensresearch.com

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